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First Cisco Cert

Finally! My first Cisco certification.
I've been resisting having anything to do with the Netzilla(TM) since I started my career in IT. Gotten as far away as possible but somehow stumbled into and fallen in love with Enterprise Storage, a field where cisco has shown increasing influence (actually, with the rise of iSCSI, it's probably going to be as prominent in storage as it's in networking .. sigh).

anyhow, since my current customer is becoming a 100% Cisco shop in SAN, it's only logical that I learn something about it.

So there, I'm now CSSDS certified.
Personally I found the cisco SAN training material to be one of the lowest quality one I've ever seen in IT training classes. It is too vendor centric. For  class that's supposed to also provide basic SAN knowledge to its students, the CSSDS class does not cover enough basic FC or SCSI knowledges. Basically, it's just a class to train snake-oil salesmen. oh well.


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Jan. 4th, 2008 08:39 pm (UTC)
Are there any good vendor specific classes out there?
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