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ah ! the weekend of food poisoning

Not entirely sure what the hell I ingested. Friday night I had dinner with E-, and we were all fine.
Saturday morning I felt this weird feverish sensation and entire body was feeling very weak as if I just spent the whole night out running a marathon.

The strange thing is, I woke up at 6:20 to shut off the alarm clock that I forgot to disable the night before,  and i was okey,  but by the time E- woke up I was already feeling queasy and my whole body was hurting.

So i told E- to go ahead get his own breakfast and I'll try to wake up in another hour or so.

as time passed by, I kept getting worse.

But I did managed to go to Target with him to get some supplies and then down to DC.
(thank goodness he drives!)

Then I crashed at his place for at least 15 hours.

Lucky him, E- was fine the entire time i was sick like a dog.

thanks for the chicken soup, E- :)